Aleksander Kharitonov


Aleksander Kharitonov
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1948 born in Moscow
1973 graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute
1973-1982 employed as an architect by the Central Scientific and Research Institute of
        Standard and Experimental Design (TsNIIEP) of resort and tourist buildings and         complexes
1975, 1977 Winner of Russian architectural competitions
1982 Joined the Union of Architects of the USSR
2003 Joined the Moscow Union of Architects.

Author of several architectural designs.
1980 the Youth Centre Olimpiets (The Olympian) in Sheremetyevo (the State Prize
        of RSFSR in 1981 was awarded to him for this project)
1983 design of Youth Complex in Anapa
1983 A.Kharitonov designed the Resort House Morskoi priboy (Wash of sea)
        (building Lux) in Miskhor.
1984 Designed Sports and fitness complex in Anapa

Participation in exhibitions
1990 Neo-shag Gallery, Los-Angeles
1991 ART-S, Prague
1998 The Moscow International Arts Show, Central House of Artist (TsDKh/CHA),
        ACD magazine Moscow
2001 The Moscow International Arts Show, CHA, EXPO-ART-RU gallery, Moscow
2002 Art-Manege, Rose Orchard, Moscow
2003 Art Show, CHA, Moscow
2004 Art Manege, Novy Manege Fallery, Moscow
2004 Spiritual rebirth of Russia, Centaur gallery, Moscow
2006 Art Show, Alliance Art, Moscow
2006 Art-Manege, Novy Manege Gallery, Moscow
2007 General Board for Diplomatic Corps Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
        of Russia, Moscow Artists Union 2007 Art-Manege,
         Novy Manege Gallery, Moscow
2009 Art-Manege, Novy Manege Gallery 2009 Art traditions of the North-West of Moscow,
        Tushino Exhibition hall.

Personal photos from exhibitions
1993 House of Artist in Kuznetsky most, Moscow
1994 Vernissage theatre in Begovaya, Moscow
1994 Cultural centre in Petrovka, Moscow
1995 Gallery Nagornaya, Moscow
1998 Exhibition hall of the Union of Architects of Russia, Moscow
2001 Tushino Exhibition Hall, Moscow
2003 The Russian Science and Culture Centre in Malta, Valetta, Arka gallery
2003CHA, Arka Gallery, Moscow
2004 City Exhibition Centre "Novy Manege ", Arka Gallery Moscow
2004 The All-Russian Society for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments
        (VOOPIK), Arka Gallery Moscow
2005 CHA, Alliance-Art Gallery, Moscow
2007 The First World Advertising Forum, Gostiny dvor, Moscow
2008 City Exhibition Centre Novy Manege, Moscow
2008 CHA, Arka Gallery, Moscow
2009 The House of Romance, Moscow
2009 Edelweiss complex, "MARGO-ART-GALLERY" Moscow
2010 The Russian Science and Culture Centre in Malta, Valletta, Arka Gallery