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Triumph (Ave Caesar)

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      Proper world of artist is formed of what remains after cutting off every odd element from surrounding chaos. The artist is searching for this method as passionately as researcher of the unknown territory. The picture may emerge out of fragments of previous epochs, out of utensils covered with patina, out of plaintaints pushing through asphalt, out of the flower just coming in blossom. A canvas cannot bear inherited memory, but each successive ideally- emerges on a new field and out of new seeds. Protecting oneself from false tonality intention should emerge in a nutritive medium of chaos, out of which subconsciousness may pave the road and obtain new form. Layers of factures and color intensity of their mixture along with seeming spontaneity are the language of sensual information which is offered to spectator by the artist.
One can say that the picture is a secret code and simultaneously the self-portrait of an artist flying open in its insecurity.
      If the image rise to the surface, the task of an artist is to protect it from intengsive influence of self-sufficing forms and to facilitate unconsciousness its contact with stylistic context of the intention.
      In plastic medium, transforming the image as an artist I aspire to protect the initial, uncreated nihility/ something, where jubilating light is conjectured.
      When radiating white light emerges in layered rainbow, the canvas, stiffening in the last touches, should dissimulate the dwelling moment (Goethe) of splendid.
      Historic context of recognizable subject represented by sails of the medieval frigate, the antique column caps and just texture wall is what is important for me in painting. And I consider artists task to consist in concordance of space in such a way to make the city, ascended over the field of irises to seem metaphysically more convincing, than the proto-image, concealed among the hills and absinthial fields of history.
      The phantom city, the phantom barque, the phantom epoch The magic of instability assists sensing in more acute manner the present day in its inimitable and enigmatic infinity, when its fantastic full color remains not only in our memory but is recorded on unbeknown tables of the universe.
      It seems to me that the artist should inspire chaos and control it simultaneously. The degree of emotional and energetic intensity of conceptual centre of the painting and its final accord, allowing it to live its independent life, depends on the way these two origins are revealed in the canvas.
      In our century craft of an artist has successfully maintained the degree of freedom, shrinking in our spheres, thats why it is obliged and even doomed to create a new reality. Its fantasy is akin to the hope which helps a person breathe and quiet whisper of painting may assist maintaining in our lexicon these sublime words of poetry, which provided an opportunity to transform and even to heal a person.
      A painter should move ahead, stretch forward, not stand on tiptoe and discover harmony of space inside himself, before a spectator may join it.
      Then one should ask himself whether the words from Le Petit Prince by Exupery on responsibility of those we have tamed - concern the artist.

Aleksander Kharitonov

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